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American Reformation Act

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 In the wake of the Political Correctness Deformation Era, many American customs and cultures were demonized and others deformed.  The American Reformation Act is intended to restore American Integrity

 We the people of the United States of America Petition Congress, not the President, through White House Petitions and other formats to Reform America, and Establish Professionalism in Politics and Journalism; to Reform American Politics, U.S. Government Agencies, and Laws to stop the abuse, deceit, lies, corruption, and mismanagement of political systems and laws making America financially productive, economically healthy, and employed anew



Professionalism in Politics-  Require all persons  who run for or hold a political office to pass a Political Bar.  The political bar test would require an in-depth understanding of Constitutional Law, Fiscal Law, Supreme Court decisions, Contracting Law, ethics.  The Professional Political Bar would require honesty and ethics with rules, willfully lying about a subject or other politician or contender would be considered unethical and the politician, if found in an ethics violation, shall be disbarred from politics and impeached from their position if one is held—this is simply requiring politicians to be knowledgeable about government prior to service, to be honest during their service, and demonstrate integrity.

Campaign Financing-  A political campaign shall never expend more than 20 times the base annual salary of the position/post being sought.   A political position is not to be bought and paid for, but is to be earned.   No campaign funds shall be received from a foreign national or foreign entity.

Political Bar Requirements of Political Organizations- All of the leadership of private and nonprofit organizations that sponsor a political candidate or openly oppose a candidate shall pass the Political Bar prior to any campaign support and held to the same standards as the candidates and politicians—this is simply requiring the organization supporting or opposing a candidate to be honest and demonstrate integrity, not lie or mislead.

The Political Bar requirement does not apply to individuals exercising their freedom of speech with their own funding.


Responsibility and Professionalism in Journalism

Professionalism in Journalism-  Develop the Bar of Professional Journalism which would be funded by a tax on all professional for-profit news organizations.  The Bar shall require all persons who serve as professional journalists, news reporters, professional commentators at for-profit news organizations to pass a written bar exam.  The bar would require the journalists to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of ethics in journalism.   Journalists who willfully lie or knowingly misrepresent the facts, exaggerate graphs, change the numbers, serve as an advocate for a particular politician or political agenda shall be investigated for unethical journalism.  If found to be unethical, the journalist shall be banned from journalism, and the news agency that employed the unethical journalist may be found pecuniary liable.


The United Nations

The United Nations-  The United States recognizes that it help create the League of Nations which later became the United Nations, and the original purpose of the United Nations is now defunct.  The United Nations has become a parasite organization which takes and uses American Tax Dollars at a much higher rate than other member nations and uses our own money against America and Americans.  That the United Nations has been identified as an organization of foreigners that is intentionally attempting to manipulate the Rights of American Citizens.   The United States shall cancel its membership in the United Nations, and eject the organization outside of the boundaries of the United States allowing it to perish.


Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection Act itself shall be amended making Environmental Protection a State level requirement, and not a federal level issue.  States are best suited to understand their local requirements for environmental protection under the law, not the federal government.   Most states already have an Office of Environmental Protection making the EPA redundant and a waste of taxpayers’ monies.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shall have its law enforcement authority stripped and the organization itself disbanded.   The EPA has become an obstructive agency imposing arbitrary decisions on states and taxpayers with outrageous fines and penalties with little facts and personal agendas causing expensive legal battles lasting decades that have badly impacted the taxpayers and American industries contributing to high unemployment, the only people who have benefited from the EPA are lawyers.


Department of Interior

The Department of Interior (DOI)- One of the most wasteful, redundant, and useless organizations in the United States and shall be restructured with many offices and functions removed.

DOI Offices and functions to be disbanded and their functions stopped:

  •   Alaska Affairs – Review of Federal Subsistence Program
  •   Congressional and Legislative Affairs
  •   Indian Arts and Crafts Board
  •   Intergovernmental and External Affairs
  •   Interior Museum
  •   National Invasive Species Council
  •   Secretary’s Indian Water Rights Office
  •   Hawaii Relations

DOI Bureau Level organizations to be disbanded.

The U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) shall be disbanded.   The USGS once had an important mission as the country was growing and needed to identify mineral resources.  Today, the USGS employs more biologists than geologists meaning it is no longer serving its original charter.  Nearly every state has its own Geologic Survey making the USGS a redundant organization that has lost its original purpose.  All map repositories will become the responsibility of the BLM.

Bureau of Reclamations (BOR) shall be disbanded.  The BOR was established to build dams, mostly in the west to have a stable water source for ranching.  These dams themselves created environmental problems that have not been fully recognized.  In many places dams are being removed and restoring the environment at great cost.  When the BOR wants to build a high risk dam, they have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) design it and manage the dam construction contract.  The USACE has long had a congressional mandate to manage the U.S. Water Ways making the BOR unnecessary and redundant.

The Office of Surface Mining (OSM) shall be disbanded  Many OSM functions are redundant and each federal agency with minable land has their own internal offices over mining and permitting which shall also be disbanded and a separate new single source mining agency shall be established and addressed herein below.

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) shall be disbanded.  The BSEE is simply not necessary.  Every organization has its own internal safety organization and how much redundant Environmental Enforcement can one nation really need?

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) shall be disbanded.  The BIA is a full service welfare organization for tax exempt Indians which does not give an incentive for Indians to develop and become self-reliant.  The BIA is a racist organization in which it gives hiring preferences to Indians over all other races.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), with the exception of mining, shall become the focal point Bureau of all federal land matters to halt redundancy of the many overlapping bureaus.


Create the Department of Mining as a standalone Agency

 Mining is essential for all industries, economic growth, defense, and our way of life.  Everything we use is a product of mining.  Currently, various agencies and offices have control of various aspects of mining and mining support activities and these multiple offices develop different protocols, even with the same agency or bureau with individual personal agendas, normally against mining.  This creates a time consuming, long drawn out permitting process which becomes expensive.  The expenses are realized by the taxpayers and the end consumers.

The Department of Mining (DOM) would be a single source permitting and review office for all locatable and leasable resources on federal lands and open-ocean serving as an advocate for mining and mineral exploration.

Exploration companies shall provide the DOM a notice of intent to drill or trench a location with no permitting required and the exploration company shall notify the DOM when the reclamation of trenching is completed.

The DOM shall be responsible for maintaining the staking database and uniformed modernized staking process.

Upon discovery of a resource, the DOM shall issue permitting for definition drilling within 60 days of the request.

Upon request to mine, the DOM shall review the Environmental Impact Statement, remediation plan, and issue the permit with 365 days.  The DOM shall hold the remediation bond.

The DOM shall introduce mining education curriculums for junior and high schools allowing Americans to learn where their products come from.

These actions will streamline the current exploration and mining process, eliminate personal agendas at a local level, and reduce the cost of the end item for the consumers and make American an industrial leader again.


Universal Tort Reform

Unless actual physical damages are incurred with intention to do harm or absolute dereliction, there are no grounds for a lawsuit.  Americans shall be required to demonstrate personal responsibility anew.  If your child is running through a store and gets hurt, it is not the stores fault.  If your car starts sliding on ice and you cause an accident, it wasn’t intentional.   If you go and get drunk and cause an accident, you intentionally got drunk and were in dereliction of the law and may be sued.  Dereliction or intention to harm would be required to sue.  Lawyers shall be subject to an ethics violation and possibly disbarred for knowingly accepting or acting on a frivolous action of litigation.  Most lawsuits only benefit the lawyers.

Any Firm or Organization which sues the federal government shall be barred from federal grants.  The practice of organizations which receive federal grants and use the money to sue the federal government shall stop.  This only cost the taxpayers.


Gun Control

Gun Control should be about training and education at an early age to learn respect for firearms and law enforcement, not about gun grabbing nor oppression of good citizens


Reform the Military

The original members of Delta Force had criminal backgrounds.  Today, these highly capable men would not be considered for Delta Force or any other special purpose unit because of their backgrounds; their capabilities are ignored.  Somewhere along the way, the military became politically correct, as if killing people for your nation is politically correct.  We now have moral waivers and discharges for morality issues, as if hunting and killing other humans is moral.  There are so many restrictions and oppressive actions being taken against the military that our military service members now has a suicide rate of one per day.

Abolish the moral background requirements for military personnel and eliminate political correctness in the military.   Maybe the person with an assault charge in their records is the person you want blasting a door off the hinges and assaulting the room.


Child Laws

No child under the age of 16 shall own or possess a cell phone.

No child under the age of 16 shall be on social media for more than 1 hour per day.  Social Media sites shall be required to timeout a user name who is registered on their system as being under the age of 16.  Children need to go out and play with their friends and lose weight.

No politician shall exploit children for political gain.


Create a Flat Tax

Create a single flat tax for all incomes.  Reduce the size of the IRS to accommodate the simple flat tax.


Stop Foreign Aid

Stop all foreign aid until we have taken care of our own fiscal issues.  Any future foreign aid will not go to enemies of our country.


Immigration Reform

If someone can demonstrate that they have been in the United State and gainfully employed for five years, then grant them citizenship.  About 47% of Americans cannot make that claim.


English as a National Language

Early immigrants learned English because it created a common uniting language between people allowed the country to function.  Most immigrants learned English when the moved to America; that was lost during the PC deformation era.  Make English the National Language of the United States to save tax dollars and reunite America.  Most countries have a national language, the U.S. doesn’t and it cost the taxpayers.  We have to make Government pamphlets and manuals in every conceivable language at a cost to those paying taxes.


Education Reform

Prohibit federal student loans and federal aid from being used at for profit colleges and universities.


Term Limits

 Mandate term limits on congressmen and senators.  Congress shall be restricted to two terms, the Senate shall be restricted to three terms.


Religion and Law

No law shall be based on religion or religious values.

Drafted by Thea Patriot
Twitter: TheaPatriot