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Just a visit to the CNN forums is enough to know that Liberal Thought Control and Name Calling is real, and now we are in the Projection of Guilt Phase, well, we have been for a while.

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“Political Correctness Deformation Era”

PC Era

In answering this question, I assert that Political Correctness is to blame for the down-fall of America and American values in the United States, and I have labeled it the “Political Correctness Deformation Era” (PCDE).   This PCDE covers the time-period of 1977 to 2012.  Essentially, this is the period of time from which Jimmy Carter was elected to the office of President to the point in 2013 when Americans woke up and realized that Obama is a Communist.

Obama’s Mom

Obama's Mom

Obamas Mom


The Communists not only oppose the 2nd Amendment, they oppose the 1st Amendment too.

When President LBJ Signed it – HE SAID IT

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) about the Great Society plan.

Really, why do black people vote democrat?



1.         Voting Fraud – Overwhelming and compelling evidence of voter fraud committed by Barrack H. Obama in the capacity of the following:

  • The birth certificate of Obama presented on the White House website was downloaded by multiple experts and found to have been edited with various layers.  Some of the layers were drawn in by computer, others were deletions.  It’s not a question about whether Obama is an American, we know his mother was an American, that makes him an American.  The fact is, the birth certificate is not real.  Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery; Obama’s identity has not been vetted by the American people.
  • The Selective Service Registration Card presented by Obama was not from 1980, but from 2008—the date is proven by the computer generation code which the editor could not change.  The number on the card belongs to another American; it is not Obama’s Registration Card.  There were various other errors on the card too, such as the birthdate did not match the birth certificate.  As Obama has not registered with the Selective Service, he is not qualified to hold office.
  • Obama’s Social Security Number belongs to a Russian man born in 1890 who immigrated to the US and was never reported dead.  That same old Russian man keeps showing up as living wherever Obama lives.   Obama does not have a valid SSN.

2.         Federal Court has ruled that Obama’s Recess Appointments are Unconstitutional (AGAINST THE LAW).  Yet Obama refuses to remove the appointees, and the appointees refuse to step down.

3.         Executive Orders – Nearly every Executive Order written by Obama has the “effect of law” by bypassing the Congress making each Executive Order a violation of the U.S. Constitution and an Impeachable offense.

4.         Benghazi – The President it ultimately responsible for this, the cover up, and the absence of the survivors.  Why aren’t the survivors not allowed to testify?

5.         Every appointment under the communist label “Czar” to bypass the Senate is an Impeachable offense.

6.         Illegally directing the EPA to apply Cap and Trade against the coal industry is a crime.

7.         Illegally applying a moratorium on offshore drilling making America more reliant on foreign oil is potentially treason.

8.         Providing Executive protection for Eric Holder in his actions of Operation Fast and Furious. Eric Holder is best known for his college days as an Armed Black Militant Extremist who took over the ROTC building at his college—that’s our DOJ today—every law maker should look up Holder’s criminal past.

9.         Obama ordered the FCC to give him the ability to shut down the Internet if necessary which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the FCC does not have the power to give.  Obama is bypassing the U.S. Supreme Court to control the Internet.

10.       Going to war without the approval of congress and conducting operations of war in other countries without the approval of congress is an Impeachable Offense.

11.       Releasing illegal immigrants saying there is not enough money to hold them while giving $60,000,000.00 to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and $250,000,000.

12.       Fraud, Waste, and Abuse of taxpayers’ monies.  Obama used Air Force One to spread his Sequester disaster message of lies—Air Force One cost the Americans $180,000.00 per HOUR.  The Sequester disaster message could have been communicated more cost effectively through the media.

13.       Obama has threaten congress telling them to do what he wants or he will do it without them – essentially saying his Executive Orders are above the law – dictatorship.

14.       Abuse of Power.  Obama’s first order of business on 21 January 2009 was to seal his personal records with Executive Order 13489 thus preventing federal agents from having access to birth certificate, selective service registration card, or his social security number and properly investigating him.



13 Year Old Girl is an Awesome Shooter

Democrats Are Playing You

As Malcom X said “The democrats are playing you for a chump and if you vote for them, not only are you a chump, you are a traitor to your race.”

Malcolmn X

The full speech

Obama having Gay Sex with the Prophet Muhammad

How Obama Disarmed America – Project Renegade

How Obama Disarmed America – Project Renegade

This account of Project Renegade begins with an historically accurate background on how President Franklin D. Roosevelt took the American people who wanted to remain neutral during WWII and overnight, galvanized them into a unified force for a common goal–and how Obama has used the exact same technique to Disarm the American People.